The Best RegTech Board! Introducing HData's Advisors

HData announced itself to the world last week. We’re a new consulting firm that helps data companies apply new technologies to transform business and governance.

HData’s eight initial clients each have the best solution to transform a particular government or legal process. HData helps these data companies build the relationships and awareness they need to apply their technologies on a national scale.

But we can’t do it alone.

Nobody knows all of RegTech or Legal Tech. Nobody has all of the relationships HData’s clients need. Nobody’s career spans all of the tech transformations our clients need to do.

But, collectively, our brand-new, sixteen-member Board of Advisors comes pretty close.

HData’s Board of Advisors represents the most advanced body of knowledge on applying technology to regulatory and government processes that exists anywhere in the world.

  • Claudia Arriaga is the global head of business development for OpenGov, currently the world’s largest open data company.

  • For a decade, Terri Beck led marketing for LexisNexis’ government and health care solutions—the largest business of its kind in the world.

  • Amy Black is an international nonprofit executive. Amy led the growth strategy of Teach for All, the global network of educational leadership organizations, from startup to membership representing national organizations in over 40 countries.

  • Barb Cohn was the nation’s second state chief data officer, in the New York state government, and earned national recognition for “focusing not only on the raw data, but also ensuring that the public can understand it.”

  • Chris Danusiar led technology development for Ernst & Young's global audit transformation program (140 countries). Ernst & Young was the only firm to successfully implement a single audit platform worldwide.

  • Kaitlin Devine built the spending data model for the U.S. federal government. It is the only data model currently in use across the entire federal government, and the largest implementation of an enterprise data model in history.

  • Natalie Evans Harris led data sharing and analytics efforts at the National Security Agency and the White House for sixteen years, then co-founded BrightHive, the first government data sharing partnership platform.

  • Christina Ho, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, implemented the DATA Act across the U.S. federal government, transforming comprehensive federal spending information into open data.

  • Kate Karas heads all legal work for the investor-facing business of Lending Club, the first social peer-to-peer lending platform (and one of the third-party first Facebook apps ever).

  • Laura Manley co-founded the Center for Open Data Enterprise, which is now the leading open data research nonprofit, then became the first director of the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center's Technology and Public Purpose Project.

  • Dr. Patrick McLaughlin built the only full-service analytical platform for federal regulatory text.

  • Seth Metcalf served as the point person for the nation's first fully intergovernmental open spending data platform, at the Ohio Treasurer's office, and now is CFO of Bold Penguin, the only commercial insurance marketplace platform.

  • Kareem Nakshbendi helped build the first-ever Know Your Customer (KYC) software in the U.S. financial industry in 2003, and later wrote the first thought piece on the FinTech strategy for Western Union, the largest payment processor in the world.

  • Alvin Spivey leads Gromelski's market-leading image processing AI, and is a repeat founder and co-founder.

  • Dr. Anne Washington did the first academic research into open government data, before most of us knew what that term meant.

  • David Zvenyach helped lead 18F, the federal government's in-house digital services agency, and led a transformation of the Federal Acquisition Service, which is responsible for all U.S. federal contracting.

HData’s Board of Advisors will help our clients grow their businesses, advise us on the challenges of running a new consulting firm, and convene in person in 2019 to build a vision for the transformation of government and business processes.

Hudson Hollister