Florida Public Service Commission: Earnings Surveillance Reports in Gateway

Earnings Surveillance Reports are monthly filings made to the Florida Public Service Commission to help state regulators verify that financial performance and earnings align with approved rates of return. Filings are mandatory for Duke Energy Florida, Florida Power & Light Company, Florida Public Utilities Company, Gulf Power Company, and Tampa Electric Company.

Reports are filed monthly, totaling more than 100 pages of information per utility each year. All of this data previously lived solely on the state regulator’s website. With the use of advanced AI modeling, HData has fully digitized these reports, transforming thousands of static pages into machine-readable data that users can access and download via HData's Gateway.

Data from the Earnings Surveillance Reports is highly valuable for use in benchmarking and comparison across utilities. Analysis of metrics such as operating costs, revenue per customer, return on equity, and debt ratios provide insight into relative efficiency and financial performance of each utility.

How to Access Earnings Surveillance Report Data

To access this data, navigate to Gateway, where you will see Florida PSC > Earnings Surveillance Reports as an available selection.

Florida Earnings Surveillance Reports

Clicking on the expansion arrow on the right allows you to view all schedules for the Earnings Surveillance Reports. Selecting the check box next to any Term enables you to download data for that specific line item. Once your selections are made, click Download to proceed.

Download Data

Enter the name of the company for which you'd like to download data. Downloads can be created for a single entity or multiple entities. Enter at least three characters for the name of the company you're searching for, then hit Enter to view the options matching your search. Once your selections are made, click Next.

Company Selections

Use the slider bar to select the years for which you'd like to download data. Reports are available from 2009 to present. Note that data for each year is segmented by month, as Earnings Surveillance Reports are filed monthly. When your Year Range selections are made, click Download File.

Download File

You will receive a notification once the file is ready to view. Click Download File which downloads a .zip folder. The data file is contained in this folder and can be opened in Excel or your default spreadsheet application.

Gateway File Ready

When you open the file, click on the tab labeled FLSURVEILLANCE. This tab will contain your selected raw data, which is now ready for analysis.

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