HData Gateway FAQs

Gateway automates access to FERC and EIA form data, making it easy to synthesize datasets from multiple forms for faster, more comprehensive analysis. 

Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions about Gateway. For help with any additional questions, please reach out to us at support@hdata.us

Q: Which FERC forms does Gateway currently support? 
A: Gateway currently provides access to data across the following FERC forms: Form 1, Form 1/3-Q, Form 2, Form 2/3-Q, Form 549D, Form 6; Form 6-Q, Form 60, and Form 714, as well as EIA Form 176.

HData will continue adding datasets for other forms and will notify subscribers as these new forms are incorporated into the platform. 

Q: Does Gateway let you extract data from multiple forms in a single download?  
A: Yes. You can access data across multiple forms simultaneously. You can include multiple terms, companies, and years in a single query and download the resulting data in a CSV file for comparison and analysis. 

Q: Is there an option to include footnotes? 
A: Yes. You can select whether to include footnotes for datasets associated with those intervals. Footnotes are downloaded in tandem with the CSV file and can be accessed via links from individual data points in the file. 

Q: Are there limits to the amount of data that can be accessed through a single download?
A: You can select up to 1,000 terms for up to 100 companies across any series of years in a single search. Contact us directly for help with larger projects. 


Additional Questions? Let Us Know 

Hopefully this article provided the answers you were looking for on the Gateway tool within the HData platform. If you still need help, please reach out to us at support@hdata.us.