HData Library FAQs

One of the key challenges of working with FERC reports is the sheer volume of available data. Tens of thousands of reports have been submitted over the last decade alone. The Library is a powerful tool that empowers users to quickly and easily search, retrieve, and compare content from within these reports. 

Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the Library. For help with any additional questions, please reach out to us at: support@hdata.us.

Q: What search and filtering tools are available for the Library? 
A: You can search for FERC reports using various filters including CID, company name, report type, and date range. This makes it easy to find the most relevant reports without having to wade through pages of extraneous data. You can also sort any data column in your results. 

Q: How does the Library enable faster comparison of FERC reports? 
A: You can search for any set of FERC reports across different years and access  a side-by-side comparison of individual pages to quickly see what changes have occurred from year to year. 

Q: What changes can I track through the Document Comparison tool? 
A: You can track everything from formatting changes to text and numerical changes. The tool makes it easy to identify the differences between the selected reports. This can be especially useful when preparing for an upcoming filing, tracking trends, and identifying patterns for a given company, year, or across the energy market.

Q: What file export options are available? 
A: The Library makes it easy to export files as PDFs for deeper-dive reviews or to share with additional stakeholders.  

Additional Questions? Let Us Know 

Hopefully this article provided the answers you were looking for on the Library tools within the HData platform. If you still need help, please reach out to us at support@hdata.us.