How to Use HData’s Alert Manager

Alert Manager Description

The Alert Manager is located in your HData toolbox. It allows you to easily and proactively monitor FERC Filings and Dockets. Setting up custom Alerts on individual companies and keywords or phrases will produce in-app and email notifications when documents with matching content are found. 

Use Case Overview

Use the Alert Manager to monitor FERC Filings and Dockets for mentions of companies or topics of interest. You’ll receive notifications when filings and dockets relevant to the criteria you’ve selected are filed and reviewed by the HData Alert Management System. 

You can use broad search terms like “return on equity” to get ongoing notifications anytime that phrase appears in a FERC form or docket. You can also include more specific phrases to narrow your results. 

Monitoring and alerts of any future FERC forms or dockets begins as soon as you save your Alert.

Users can create Alerts in the Alert Manager. Alert messages received are managed from the Inbox, accessible from the notifications bell in the upper right corner of the HData Platform. 

Getting Started - Creating Alerts

To access Alert Manager, log into HData. 

Open Toolbox from the list of products on the left-hand side of the HData home screen.


Under “My Tools”, select “Alert Manager”, this will take you to your list of alerts. Note that if you have not yet created any alerts, this page will be blank. 

In the Alert Manager tool, click the megaphone icon in the upper-right corner: 


This will open up a the Alert configuration window.

In the open text box, create a name for the new alert: 

Select which companies you want to monitor:


Type in the exact words or phrases (keywords) you want the alert to notify you about and hit enter or click on the white arrow to the right:


Select the Data Sources that should be searched for your keywords:


Select whether you’d like in-app notifications, email notifications, or both. Provide at least one email where notifications should be sent. Finally, select the frequency with which notifications should be delivered. 


Once required fields are filled out, save your alert by selecting the disk icon in the upper-right corner: image3

You will now see this alert on your Alert Manager menu.

Editing, Deleting, and Testing Alerts

In the Alert Manager tool, select the name of the alert you’d like to edit, delete, or test. This will open an editing menu for that alert.


You can edit any field for the alert using the same steps listed above to create a new alert. 

When you’re done, click the disk icon in the upper-right corner to save your changes: image3

You can also delete the alert by clicking the trash can icon in the upper-right corner: image15

Or test the alert by clicking the email icon in the upper right corner: image5

Clicking the email icon to test an alert will send an email to the listed recipients with a sample alert based on your selected criteria. Note: It will not contain links to valid fildings, since this is just a test and not truly alerting on a FERC Form or Docket.

Alert Manager - Inbox

Your Alert Inbox can be used to view any notifications regarding alerts you’ve created in the tool: 


You can reorder the list of notifications by Name, Data Catalog, and Date by clicking the arrows next to each of those headers. 

You can also customize the number of results per page using the drop-down menu in the lower right:


Additionally, the Alert Inbox provides an open-text field to quickly search by alert name or description:


Click on any alert to open the full view. 


Additional Questions? Let Us Know

Hopefully this article gave you all the information you needed to be successful with the Alert Manager. If you still need help, please reach out to us at