How to Use Regulatory AI in HData Library


Accessible through the Library application on the HData platform, Regulatory AI is a generative AI tool that makes sourcing information from deep within FERC filings easier than ever. 

Because Regulatory AI is trained exclusively on utility industry data, you can use simple prompts to find accurate answers in seconds. 

How It Works

Regulatory AI is designed to query any document within the HData Library or saved in your Private Documents Catalog. Because its scope is limited to just these documents, Regulatory AI avoids “AI hallucinations,” a common challenge with other generative AI tools, in which fake information is represented as fact. 

When you engage Regulatory AI, you first need to select the documents that you want it to reference when searching for answers. This practice, known as “grounding,” enhances the tool’s ability to deliver precise, contextually relevant results.

It also means the answers that Regulatory AI provides include clickable attributions that take you to the document where the specific answers were found. 

Interacting with Regulatory AI: The Librarian It Works

Getting Started

Regulatory AI is located within the HData Library application. 

Click “Library” in HData’s left-hand navigation menu. 

From the Library home page, choose the catalog you want to explore. For example: “FERC Reports Catalog.”

With the catalog you wish to explore open, click the robot icon located on the right-hand side of the filter bar. 

This engages the Librarian, powered by Regulatory AI.



You will be prompted to select the specific document or group of documents that you want to include in your query. 

In the table below the filter bar, click the files you’d like to use.

With your files now selected, click on the arrow just below the robot icon to start a session with the HData Librarian.

Your chat with the HData Librarian will begin on a new screen. 

Asking Questions, Getting Answers

Type your request or question into the open text field at the bottom of the screen. 

Then click the arrow to the right or  hit enter on your keyboard to submit your request. 

Tip: You can use the “Shortcuts” menu on the left-hand side of the page for a list of helpful sample prompts and questions. It includes more detailed prompts grouped by topic.

Once submitted, answers to your questions appear in a matter of seconds. Response times vary slightly based on the number and length of the documents included in your search. 


Opportunities for Interaction 

Directly below each response, you will see a series of icons that can be used to further refine your results. 

There are options to: 

  • Ask for a longer answer
  • Ask for a shorter answer
  • Ask for a simpler answer
  • View source documents
  • Copy the answer to your clipboard 
At the top of your screen, you also have options to:
  • Reset the chat
  • Export the chat
  • View documentation on the tool



Occasionally, you may get a response that is incorrect or doesn't provide enough context. This happens in any AI model. 

The best way to help is to provide feedback. You can rate the accuracy of each response using the thumbs up/thumbs down voting buttons in the bottom-right corner of the screen. image7
Follow prompts to provide additional written feedback, which can then be used to further train the model. 

Additional Questions? Let Us Know

Hopefully this article provided a helpful overview of the HData Regulatory AI tool. If you still need help, please reach out to us at