How to Use the HData Library App


The HData Library makes it easy to search, compare, and retrieve FERC reports through straightforward, highly targeted searches. With the HData Library, you can access  every annual and quarterly FERC report dating back to 2011. You can also access new forms in real time as they are added. 

Getting Started

One of the key features of the HData Library is its powerful and intuitive search function, which lets you tailor searches using a range of criteria, including company name, report type, and date. In minutes, you can track down the precise FERC forms and schedules within each form that you need without having to wade through pages of irrelevant information.

Searching for Documents

From the Library app within the HData platform, initiate your document search using the available filter options. As shown in Figure 1 below, you can filter by company ID, company name, FERC form type, year, and filing period. 


Figure 1. HData Library Search Filters

With the document located, you can now view the file in the interactive XBRL format. This lets you explore metadata tags to find additional context behind source data and follow links to quickly explore various sections of each document. 

You can also use the search field located above the document viewer window to quickly find and highlight instances of keywords and phrases used throughout the document.


Figure 2: Search Within Documents

Comparing Documents

You can use the HData Library to compare FERC reports. This feature lets you select two reports and compare them side by side. The powerful comparison functionality tracks everything from formatting changes to text and numerical changes, so you can easily identify the differences between the selected reports. This can be especially useful when preparing for an upcoming filing, tracking trends, and identifying patterns for a given company, year, or across the energy market.


Figure 3: Compare Documents Tool

Accessing Resubmissions

The HData Library allows all customers to differentiate between original filings and resubmissions. The Library Resubmissions feature offers the ability to view previous versions of the filing, whenever they are available from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

All FERC filings within the Library browser view include an "original" or "resubmission" label. This makes it easy to identify when a regulated entity has to resubmit a filing. In addition, all versions of a single filing are nested together, making navigation more seamless.

Exporting Documents

To export documents from the HData Library, click the Export button at the top of the page, select the format you want and click to download, and save the document to your local device. 

Questions? Let Us Know

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