How to Use Regulatory AI Citations

AI Citations provide you with the information sources behind AI-generated responses. Users can view a list of citations alongside Regulatory AI answers, and download source documents with a visual markup of referenced text. Here’s how to get started with Regulatory AI Citations.

Turning AI Citations On and Off

  • Navigate to the Library, select the documents you’d like to query, then start a chat with the HData Librarian.

  • To turn on AI Citations before you enter a prompt, select the button with two quotation marks. When you scroll over this button, the label Citations is displayed. A new window will appear alongside your chat window, and this is where citations will be displayed once you enter a prompt.

  • AI Citations can also be turned on after you’ve already entered a prompt. Once the answer is displayed, click the Citations button. The AI Citations window will appear and ask if you like to ask the same question again with AI Citations turned on.


Viewing Citations

  • AI Citations are displayed directly next to the Librarian chat window. When citations appear, you’ll see two types of information displayed:

    • The name of each document that was referenced to generate the Librarian’s response

    • The specific text within each document that was referenced to generate the Librarian’s response

  • Citations will appear each time you enter a new prompt. They will remain displayed in the citations window throughout your chat session with the Librarian.


Downloading Citations

  • Citations can be downloaded for a single response, or for all responses in a chat session. To download citations, select the paper with arrow icon in the citations window. When you scroll over this button, the label Download Citations will appear.

  • Keep your browser window open until the download file is ready. A notification will appear on your screen once the download is complete.

  • The download is a zipped folder that contains:

    • Summary document: This document lists each question and answer with the referenced file name and specific text citation. Each citation is labeled with a name in [number.letter] format. The citation labels correspond with the citations that are labeled in the source documents.

    • Source documents: These are PDF files of the source documents used in your query with a red visual markup of cited text locations. These are labeled in accordance with the summary document.

    • Note: Viewing your source documents and citations in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) is a fast and easy way to review all citations. In a PDF reader, opening the comments window will present a list of all document citations.


Frequently Asked Questions

The downloaded summary document says, "Unable to determine exact location" below a citation. What does this mean?

“Unable to determine exact location” means the cited source and text are provided in the summary document, but the specific text could not be labeled within the source document. This can occur when images, tables, or certain design elements are present, or when the source document is a non-PDF file. Future iterations of AI Citations will address this limitation.