Global File Search in Library Catalogs

Released May 8, 2024

Library: File Search Across Proceedings and Accessions

We've released another enhancement to catalog search in the HData Library. This update streamlines the search for relevant files within a catalog, and applies to both CPUC and FERC catalogs.

Previously, a content search from the catalog home screen returned proceedings or accessions containing files relevant to your search. This is challenging, because you then must click into each proceeding or accession to view the associated files, and then assess which of those files are the most well-matched to your search.

The new Library enhancement provides you with the option to search for files across all proceedings or accessions. To search for files, simply click the Files toggle on the catalog home screen. With Files selected, once you enter a term in the Search Content box, the search will return the most relevant files across all proceedings or accessions.

Files Toggle

This helps you to more directly locate files that are relevant to your search. To further narrow your file search, use More Filters to view files based on tags, publish date, and more.

More Filters