HData Insights FAQs

Insights serves as an interactive app marketplace. With this series of interactive dashboards and self-serve analytics tools, you can find answers to questions about the efficiency, performance, and financial history of any FERC-regulated utility company across the entire industry.  

Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions that come up when using Insights. For help with any additional questions, please reach out to us at: support@hdata.us

Q: What kinds of dashboards can I access through the Insights tool? 
A: The Insights dashboards are designed to provide intelligence related to electric, gas, and oil. This includes oil cost of service, plant capacity factors, natural gas contracts, and O&M for all three industries, to name a few. 

Q: Does Insights enable direct comparison for multiple companies? 
A: Yes. Depending on which apps you’re using, you can select multiple companies for comparison across FERC and EIA data points. This helps in conducting analysis on operation and maintenance costs by expense category, oil cost of service analysis, and numerous other functions. 

Q: Does Insights provide native data visualization capabilities? 
A: Yes. With a few clicks, you can visualize data sets for easy comparison and even export those visualizations for reference in other documents. 

Q: What file export options are available? 
A: You can export raw data as a CSV or Excel file. You can also export data visualizations directly from the platform as a PPT, PDF, and PNG file. 

Q: Can other people see my created Cards within Visual Analysis?
A: Only people with access to the same HData account as you can see cards you create in Visual Analysis. Cards default to private-view. They can be shared internally in your organization by making them public.

Q: What data sources are used in the Electric Price Analysis App? 
A: The Electric Price Analysis App references data from EIA Form 861 and EIA Form 861M. For further details please see the article: How to use the Electric Price Analysis App.

Q: What data sources make up the Gas Index of Customers?
A: The Gas Index of Customer pulls from FERC Forms 549B, 2, and 2/3Q Annual and Quarterly. We will notify subscribers as new forms are incorporated into the platform. For further details please see the article: How to use the Gas index of Customers.


Additional Questions? Let Us Know

Hopefully this article provided the answers you were looking for on the Insights tools within the HData platform. If you still need help, please reach out to us at support@hdata.us.