AI Citations & FERC Dockets Catalog Improvements

Released April 24, 2024

AI Citations in Regulatory AI

HData’s AI Citations provide you with the information sources behind AI-generated responses to regulatory energy questions. AI Citations are available for use with the HData Librarian and allow users to:

  • View AI Citations directly within the HData Library at the click of a button
  • See a list of the documents and specific text within documents that are referenced for each AI-generated response
  • Download source documents with a visual markup of cited text locations

These capabilities provide clear visibility into the information used to generate a response, adding assurance that answers are based on credible and factual information. They also provide an auditable trail back to the documents and locations of cited text, enabling streamlined review of sources and specific information used to generate AI responses. This leap in transparency provides a safer path to the insights, time savings, and cost savings that AI can deliver to the energy industry and sets a new standard for AI-generated analysis of regulatory information.

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Library: Improved Search & Filtering for FERC Dockets Catalog

In the FERC Dockets Catalog, search and filtering options have been added at the accession level:

  • Filtering capability is now available at the accession level to filter the full document list by tags
  • Search capability at the accession level is now available to search for documents within an accession