Docket Search Enhancements & New Gateway Datasets

Released March 27, 2024

Library: Improved Search & Filtering for California PUC Dockets Catalog

In the California PUC Dockets Catalog, individual proceedings frequently have a large number of files associated with each proceeding. This can make it challenging to locate the precise documents you need. HData’s latest release offers enhanced search and filtering so that you can easily locate the documents within a proceeding that are most relevant to your search:

  • Search at the proceeding level is improved to return documents that best match the search and display them in order of relevancy
  • Filtering capability is now available at the proceeding level to filter the full document list by tags, document type, the filer, and/or the publish date
  • Searching by proceeding number is now available at the docket level as a standalone feature

Gateway: New Data from EIA Form 176 & FERC Form 549D

Exportable raw data in Gateway has expanded to now offer EIA data. With the addition of EIA-176, for the first time users can map EIA and FERC data to companies that file with both entities. EIA-176 is reported annually based on a mandatory survey of all companies that deliver natural gas to consumers or that transport gas across state lines. It provides data on the origin and transportation of natural gas including volumes, pricing, and revenues.

FERC 549D is filed quarterly by intrastate pipeline companies that also provide interstate services. For section 311 pipelines, this form provides data on natural gas transportation and storage contracts, utilization, and associated revenues.

The expansion of Gateway datasets enables organizations with an interest in interstate gas pipelines to:

  • Access market intelligence about the contracts of a given pipeline or transportation company and when these contracts expire
  • Understand transport volume and associated revenue for a given company
  • Understand pipeline demand and utilization based on the volume of gas sold and the volume actually delivered
  • Evaluate locations where pipelines may be under-utilized and where there is capacity to bring in additional gas

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