Energy regulatory data analysis shouldn't be complicated.

It should be automated.

HData helps you access and analyze energy regulatory information instantly. Reduce the burden of regulatory work while enhancing the business value of energy data analysis.

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HData’s Regulatory AI is the only solution that illuminates the information sources behind AI-generated responses to regulatory energy questions.


Our solution is trusted by leading organizations across the energy industry:

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The only RegTech company offering instantly accessible federal energy regulatory data.
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In my work to help innovative early-stage companies improve our industry, I try to find technologies that improve market efficiency and illuminate disruptive new energy resources. I’m pleased to work with HData because our regulatory data platform, by bringing transparency and automation across regulated utilities, achieves both.

Jon Wellinghoff
Jon Wellinghoff
Former FERC Chairman & CEO, Grid Policy
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By digitizing the interface between energy regulators and the regulated energy industry, HData is deploying new technologies to help reduce the burden of regulatory work while enhancing the business value of regulatory information.

Neil Chatterjee
Neil Chatterjee
Former FERC Chairman & Senior Advisor, Hogan Lovells
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HData is building solutions that feel bespoke, like they were constructed by someone fluent in the industry vernacular and idiosyncrasies. Having been a part of building deep sector coverage of power and natural gas in North America at SNL - I appreciate how hard a problem it is the HData team is trying to solve.

Nate Haskins
Nate Haskins
Former Chief Data Officer of SNL Financial and S&P Global
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Regulatory technology, or RegTech, stands to dramatically improve the operations of state utility commissions and their oversight of regulated energy industries. I look forward to seeing how HData’s abilities in data science, economics, user experience, and software development combine to create better and more efficient utility regulation at both the federal and state levels.

Russell Frisby
H. Russell Frisby
Former Chair of the Maryland Public Utilities Commission
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The midstream oil and gas pipeline industries are in sore need of automated, digital management of their regulatory information. I’m pleased to support HData’s work to make regulatory information easier to manage and understand.

Alyssa Arnold
Alyssa Arnold
CEO, ATex Energy Consulting
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Early in my career, before I became a technology executive, I worked on Southern Company’s own regulatory compliance–so I’m very excited to use technology to help energy professionals understand and manage regulatory information. HData’s platform will transform regulatory tasks, to the benefit of the energy industry and all its stakeholders.

Becky Blalock
Becky Blalock
Former SVP & CIO, Southern Company
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I’m pleased to be leading Alabama Power Company’s engagement with HData throughout this year. Our partnership with HData will result in a new shared understanding of energy regulatory business intelligence–which will be embodied in the new HData Insights solution, which our companies will release together this summer.

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Chris Blake
Assistant Treasurer, Alabama Power Company
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Regulators must understand the entities we regulate in full context with the rest of their industries. The FERC’s decision last year to replace regulatory documents with regulatory data, coupled with HData’s ability to apply analytics to such data instantly, will enable the Commission to benchmark Nevada’s utilities against the rest of the industry in thousands of ways so that we can take fully-informed actions.

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C.J. Manthe
Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Reduce the burden of regulatory data analysis

HData is a software company that is digitizing the entire regulated energy industry by automating access to critical analytics for electric, oil, and gas companies and their regulators. We also automated Federal filings and created the first energy regulatory app marketplace.

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