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HData, based in Joliet, IL, helps data companies apply new technologies to transform business and governance. Our clients supply leading RegTech and Legal Tech solutions that make regulatory and legal processes easier, cheaper, and simpler; HData understands the demand. HData’s principal is Hudson Hollister, who previously founded the Data Coalition and helped to craft key government data reforms such as the DATA Act of 2014. HData is steered with guidance from a Board of Advisors whose members represent the nation’s leading expertise in applying data technologies to the public sector.

what we do

HData helps data companies build the relationships and awareness they need to apply their RegTech and Legal Tech solutions on a national scale.

  • Strategic counsel. Define your market, identify prospective clients, and plan your growth.

  • Relationship management. Meet your early adopters. Connect with key leaders in government, regulated enterprises, and information markets.

  • Message support. Craft a vision of better regulatory and legal processes that inspires your customers.


Hudson Hollister founded HData to help data companies build the relationships, strategies, and understanding they need to deploy their technologies to transform business and governance.

Hudson is a securities lawyer, former regulator, former Congressional investigator, and trade association executive. He has invested his career in applying technological innovations to make regulation, government, and law work better.

Hudson founded the Data Coalition and served as its first executive director. The Data Coalition is the world's largest open data trade association. Its nearly fifty member companies work together to advocate for policy reforms to adopt common data structures across government management and compliance reporting. The Data Coalition has successfully passed multiple data reforms in Congress.

Hudson also founded the Data Foundation, a research nonprofit which works to define an open and standardized future for our society's data. The Data Foundation has published market-leading research in the potential of technology to deliver better government management, create public transparency, and automate compliance tasks. The Foundation also works with government agencies to educate civil servants on how to use government data to solve problems. The Foundation hosts Data Transparency, the largest annual open data conference in the United States.

Hudson has written legislation, testified before Congress, and served as a board member and advisor to diverse startup companies and nonprofit organizations. He received the Federal 100 Award in 2015 and 2019.

Board of Advisors