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HData Explorer

HData Explorer helps energy companies take advantage of their own and competitors’ public FERC filing data to add business intelligence into their compliance processes. It automatically delivers insights from your past and your peers’ public reports, giving you a comprehensive view of the industry.

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Your Comprehensive Energy Data Toolkit

Comparison Tool

Compare balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow numbers instantly drawn from any two or more FERC filings, plus industry KPIs created using automatic calculations; download to CSV/Excel; create and follow lists of FERC-registered entities.

Interactive Document Viewer

Browse through complete FERC forms in which every number becomes its own data field and can become the basis for instant cross-industry analytics.

Visual Analysis Tool

Create interactive visualizations from any number in any schedule of any FERC form; instantly adjust peer groups, terms, and chart style; download underlying data; share visualizations, using a unique auto-generated URL, with your team, your company, or publicly.

Text Analysis Tool

Find any string of text or words in proximity across over a decade of FERC filings, and in real-time as new filings are published by the FERC; search by filer, by form, and by schedule; create instant redlines comparing any two FERC schedules to see every change from period to period.

API Tool

Create customized data sets by bringing together any data field, submitted by any filer or filers, from any FERC form; download to CSV/Excel; update automatically as new forms are received.