Introducing the Private Catalog

Capitalize on the insights hidden in your own data: Regulatory AI can now uncover game-changing intel for your team by analyzing your own documents alongside HData's full library of FERC and state forms, filings, and dockets. 

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HData Pioneers AI-Powered Transformation in Regulated Energy

HData is thrilled to introduce the latest update to our Regulatory AI platform: The Private Catalog. Now, you can add your own documents to HData's referenceable library to create a custom, private collection for AI-powered queries. 

The HData Library was already home to hundreds of thousands of pages of FERC and state filings and dockets. Now you can add your own data when using the Librarian (HData's AI tool) to ask questions, locate specific terms, drill down with follow up inquiries, and find citations buried deep in the data. 

Like all of HData’s technology, Regulatory AI is safe, ethical, and unbiased. Your searches, downloads, and your documents are confidential and are only visible within your team. 

HData’s Regulatory AI: the Industry's First Purpose-Built Artificial Intelligence Solution Designed to Drive Insight and Innovation.

Full-Scale Library

The HData Librarian AI is trained exclusively on regulatory data- the 30,000+ FERC documents filed since 2011.

Answers, in Seconds

Simply type your question into the Librarian to get conversational, easy-to-understand answers that are relevant, factual, and complete with attribution.

Safe, Secure, Accurate

Engineered to eliminate the possibility of “AI hallucinations” or made up facts. HData AI is safe, ethical, and unbiased. We’re even SOC 2 Type II certified.

No More Data Wrangling

Spend less time copy/pasting and checking for errors, and more time querying, modeling, and understanding the data.

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