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Whether for academic papers, in-class instruction, or research in areas of regulation, economics, and policy analysis, use HData to access and analyze energy regulatory information instantly. 

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A better point of access to regulated energy data analytics

Regulated energy data analytics are an excellent point of study. Publicly available documents contain a wealth of insights about utilities’ financial performance, plant efficiencies, renewable generation initiatives, transmission development, and the like. With thousands of data points tracked year after year, this is the perfect data pool for analyzing the efficacy of energy policy, understanding the impact of the economy, and getting an up-close look at energy regulation. 

The only problem? The reports are thousands of pages long, with insights only accessible via data identification and in-depth analysis. 

With HData, those insights can be at your fingertips in mere seconds. 

HData’s Regulatory AI is the first-ever artificial intelligence technology built to empower complex analysis of regulated energy data. Users can simply ask Regulatory AI a question, and it searches the hundreds of thousands of pages of FERC compliance and state filings that exist in HData’s Library. 

The tool makes it easy to ask questions, find specific terms, drill down with follow-up inquiries, and find citations buried deep in the data. It’s a game changer for anyone learning from or instructing with energy regulatory data. 

Our regulatory reporting solution can aid in areas of study like:

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Financial Analysis

Use financial statements, cash flows, operation and maintenance expenses, and other relevant financial data from compliance reports to evaluate the financial performance, stability, and investment viability of utility companies according to public record.
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Energy Economics

Analyze regulatory energy data trends to study market dynamics, pricing mechanisms, policy impacts, and the economic implications of energy-related decisions made to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in the energy industry.
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Energy Policy Analysis

Look at regulated utility data to examine the real economic, environmental, and social impacts of energy policies, developing the knowledge base necessary to guide decision-makers in developing effective strategies to achieve energy security, sustainability, and affordability.
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Access economic data for regulated utilities for the purpose of testing hypotheses, forecasting future trends, and estimating the relationships between different economic variables.

Examples from academics using HData:


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HData has made our research not only easier, but possible. When considering the project scope, we had legitimate concerns about the ability to get the right data. It was going to be not only difficult to find each individual filing, but also be sure that we had the complete body of data needed. HData made it possible to identify, gather, and analyze the tremendous amount of data we needed.

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Bryan Brockbank
Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee University
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As an academic focused on energy policy, HData is an incredible tool. It's streamlined research processes. And it's allowed us to uncover patterns and trends easily that we might otherwise have missed.

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Kelly Ha
Assistant Professor of Accounting, Kennesaw State University
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HData's platform has significantly enhanced the depth of our research. It makes it simple to dig through FERC data which means we can go deeper and draw more robust conclusions for our work.

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Mary Hill
Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University

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